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454 Bags Vacuum Bags


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Name 454 Bags Vacuum Bags
SKU Vacuum Bags1
Weight 1 lbs
454 Bags Size

11" x 23", 15" x 20", 15" x 20"

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454 Bags designs bags that are specific to cultivation plus have a focus on Eco-Friendliness. The cultivation industry unfortunately has a very heavy plastic footprint. While plastics are necessary for many aspects of the industry, we can do it better. By using plastics that are more eco-friendly to produce, recyclable and re-usable we can drastically reduce the plastic consumption of our industry.

454 Bags understands that you can’t sacrifice quality for eco-friendly when it comes to preserving and transporting your hard work. 454 Bags aren’t just the eco-friendly vacuum bag, they are the better bag.

454 Bags will feel different. They’ve removed the PA (nylon) and use a proprietary blend of PE/PET plastics. PA plastic is one of the most environmentally harmful plastics to manufacture. It is also essentially non-recyclable. PA has always been used in vacuum bags because of its properties which allow for cooking. So if you want to sous vide your crop, 454 Bags aren’t for you. But if you want a better bag for your product, 454 is the way to go.

How are 454 Bags different???
Superior Odor Control. 454 Bags’ plastic gives better odor protection and preservation with less plastic thickness. This means you use less plastic for better protection.
Stronger Seal. 454 Bags’ plastic bonds together when sealed. So whether you’re storing your product or shipping it out, we give you a seal you can trust.
Recyclable. Less Harmful Impact. 454 Bags take less energy and are produced with a much cleaner process than other vacuum bags. These bags can be recycled curbside just like you would a water bottle.
454 Bags will feel different because they are different.
They will feel thinner than what you are used to – but that’s because they don’t need to be as thick to be as effective.

The plastic will feel a little crunchier. This is because they’ve removed the PA plastic. 454 Bags’ plastic is similar to a soda bottle – this means you get the best humidity retention to prevent drying out and O2 block out to reduce oxidation.


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