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Dimlux Xtreme Series LED Fixture – 1,000W + Far Red NIR



The Dimlux Xtreme Series LED Fixture - 1,000W + Far Red NIR offers unparalleled horticultural lighting, optimizing plant growth and energy efficiency. Experience brighter, healthier plant performance with added far-red NIR spectrum....More Details
Name Dimlux Xtreme Series LED Fixture - 1,000W + Far Red NIR
SKU 850018559409
Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 7 × 18 in

Power Cord Voltage

120v, 240v, 277v

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More Details

Redefining Horticultural Excellence

The Dimlux Xtreme Series has always stood at the forefront of horticultural lighting solutions, and the 1,000W LED fixture with Far Red NIR is no exception. Specifically engineered for the modern gardener, this fixture promises to revolutionize the way you illuminate your plants.

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Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Spectrum: With the addition of Far Red NIR (Near-Infrared), the spectrum is broadened, emulating natural sunlight more closely. This not only accelerates photosynthesis but also contributes to more vigorous growth and flowering of plants.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Boasting a powerful 1,000W output, this LED fixture maximizes light intensity without compromising on energy costs, ensuring your plants get the best while keeping your energy bills in check.
  3. Innovative Design: Beyond its functional benefits, the Dimlux Xtreme Series LED fixture comes in a sleek, modern design, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into any grow setup, be it a hobby garden or a commercial greenhouse.
  4. Durability: Made with premium materials, this fixture promises longevity, resisting wear and tear even in the most demanding of environments.

Choose the Dimlux Xtreme Series LED Fixture with Far Red NIR for an unrivaled horticultural lighting experience, marrying form, function, and sustainability. Elevate your plant growth journey today!


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