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Gard’nClean Fast Release Dry Gas Deep Deodorizer – 2.5K (2,500 cubic feet)



Elevate the freshness of your indoor spaces with USA Grow Shop's Gard'nClean, expertly designed for rapid and effective odor neutralization in areas up to 2,500 cubic feet. Ideal for both personal and professional settings, this eco-friendly deodorizer delivers a powerful, long-lasting clean fragrance, embodying the perfect blend of efficiency and simplicity for your home, office, or commercial space....More Details
Name Gard'nClean Fast Release Dry Gas Deep Deodorizer - 2.5K (2,500 cubic feet)
SKU GG-670101
Weight .44 lbs

More Details

Unleash the power of true dry gas fumigation with the Gard’nClean ClO2 Fast Release, expertly designed for comprehensive deodorizing of any environment. Its superior penetration capabilities extend to the most challenging areas, including microscopic pores in non-sealed materials, intricate HVAC ductwork, and delicate electrical components. The remarkably small chlorine dioxide molecules delve deep, effectively neutralizing the sources of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), persistent odors, and various contaminants.

Versatile and Effective in Diverse Spaces

The Gard’nClean ClO2 Fast Release is an ideal solution for a range of areas, including cultivation sites, drying and processing zones, hallways, storage spaces, delivery areas, restrooms, communal locations, kitchens, and much more.

Coverage Capacity:

  • 2.5K Version: Effectively treats areas up to 2,500 cubic feet.

For optimal results, we recommend using Gard’nClean Fast Release in conjunction with a thorough cleaning and disinfecting regime, ideally with Gard’nClean GC Liquid, before initiating the Fast Release Gas Treatment.

Key Benefits of Gard’nClean ClO2 Fast Release:

  1. Easy Activation: Simply add water to initiate the process.
  2. Rapid, 3-Dimensional Treatment: Fast-acting gas ensures comprehensive coverage.
  3. Enhanced Cleaning Strength: Offers a high ppm concentration tailored for deep cleaning tasks.
  4. Thorough Environmental Deodorization: Targets and eliminates odors at their source.
  5. Safe for Various Surfaces: Gentle on equipment, infrastructure, and surfaces.
  6. Efficient Treatment Duration: Minimum required treatment time of just four hours.
  7. Eco-Friendly Disposal: Sachet is landfill-friendly; excess liquid can be safely poured down any drain.
  8. Controlled Re-entry Interval (REI): Safe to re-enter the treated area after 12 hours (appropriate PPE is necessary if re-entering before the completion of the REI).

Experience the difference with Gard’nClean ClO2 Fast Release – your ultimate solution for maintaining pristine, odor-free environments.


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