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Gard’nClean Liquid Mix Disinfectant 12.5G (12.5 Gallon)



GC Liquid: The Gold Standard in ClO2 Generation Harnessing the power of ClO2 has never been easier and more efficient. GC Liquid offers an ultra-pure 99.9% ClO2 solution, OMRI listed, and made accessible at the point of use. All that's required is water, a sealed generation vessel, and our cutting-edge microreactor....More Details
Name Gard’nClean Liquid Mix Disinfectant 12.5G (12.5 Gallon)
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2 Gallon, 12.5 Gallon, 30 Gallon

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Gard’nClean: Ultra-Pure Chlorine Dioxide

Gard’nClean revolutionizes environmental sanitation by harnessing the unparalleled power of 99.9% ultra-pure chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Here’s a concise overview of why Gard’nClean should be your go-to choice for comprehensive disinfection and deodorization:

Why 99.9% Pure Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)?

  • Effective: ClO2 is a powerful oxidizer, ensuring pathogens can’t build resistance. It combats:
    • Germs
    • Viruses
    • Fungi
    • Spores
    • Mold & mildew
    • Bacteria
  • Gentle: It’s non-corrosive, suitable for food and food preparation areas, thanks to Gard’nClean’s patented technology.
  • Pure: The eco-friendly and OMRI organic certified technology ensures no special disposal is needed, maintaining a neutral pH in its activated solution.

Comparison: ClO2 vs. Others

  1. Pure Chlorine Dioxide vs. Acidified Sodium Chlorite: Unlike the impure “stabilized” versions, Gard’nClean delivers over 99% pure ClO2, outperforming acidified sodium chlorite in terms of actual ClO2 content, absence of harmful chlorite and chlorate levels, and a neutral pH.
  2. ClO2 vs. Chlorine (Bleach):
    • Advantages of ClO2:
      • Strong oxidizer
      • User-friendly
      • Cost-effective
    • Disadvantages of Bleach:
      • Highly corrosive
      • Inefficient at bioslime removal
      • Efficacy is very pH dependent
      • Can be toxic and produces carcinogenic byproducts

Unique Selling Proposition of Gard’nClean:

  1. User-friendly: Just add water and harness the power of ClO2 without any hazardous by-products or costly infrastructure.
  2. High Purity: Gard’nClean’s patented technology ensures only ClO2 is released into the solution, omitting harmful by-products.
  3. Cost-effective: Previously, ClO2 generation required expensive, large-scale machinery. Now, it’s within everyone’s reach.
  4. Safety and Efficacy: Chlorine, while popular, has its drawbacks. It’s corrosive, toxic, and less effective than pure ClO2.

Benefits At A Glance:

  • Powerful Disinfection: Surpasses bleach in disinfection strength.
  • Safety: Non-corrosive and non-dermal sensitizer.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for food, water, and various surfaces.
  • User Friendly: Simple “add water” method.
  • Eco-conscious: No special disposal needed; neutralizes odors effectively.
  • Superior Performance: Exemplary bio-slime removal and high kill capacity.

By choosing Gard’nClean, you’re not just selecting a disinfectant, but a next-generation solution. Its pure ClO2 technology ensures that you’re using one of the most potent and safe biocides available in the market today. Whether for cultivation, food storage, or general disinfection, Gard’nClean is the smart choice for those who prioritize safety, efficacy, and environmental consciousness.


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