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RediRoot Fabric Pot 3 Gallon (10 Pack)



  • Enhanced stitching ensures lasting strength
  • Fabric designed for optimal breathability
  • Built to last and intended for multiple uses
  • Convenient handles for effortless relocation
  • Minimizes root entanglement
  • Amplifies production output
  • Fosters thick, feeder-root growth
  • Crafted using eco-friendly recycled materials
  • Safe from BPA and resistant to UV damage.
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Name RediRoot Fabric Pot 3 Gallon (10 Pack)
SKU RediRoot Fabric Pot (3 Gallon)
Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

More Details

Crafted to optimize airflow around the root zone, RediRoot Breathable Fabric Pots present a lightweight yet sturdy fabric. This design ensures that plants and trees undergo effective air root pruning.

When mature roots come in contact with the air and light at the edges of the RediRoot Breathable Pots, they naturally prune themselves. This stimulates the plant or tree to develop denser ‘feeder’ roots.

Suitable for diverse environments, RediRoot pots encourage a rich fibrous root system, curtail the development of tangled roots, and bolster yields. These pots are free from BPA, constructed using recycled components, and designed for multiple uses.

Manufacturing Details: Color: Onyx Accent Stitching: UV-resistant multicolored thread Material: PET-derived felt Fabric Density: 170g Origin: Vietnam


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