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TurboKlone Elite 144 with Dome



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The Elite 144 is a Commercial Level propagation system. These systems are specifically designed for serious growers. Made of grey ABS plastic shell for less heat absorption from lights above and greater reflective properties to promote efficient growth. Has alpha/numeric lid to categorize different plant species with ease as well as colored Klone collars to visually differentiate plant species using a color coded pattern determined by you. Larger fan to introduce more oxygen to the grow chamber with even greater cooling effects. Optional humidity dome with integrated vents allow you to adjust the humidity level within the dome and provide more control....More Details
Name TurboKlone Elite 144 with Dome
SKU 5260055
Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 22 × 19 in

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Become a propagation expert and grow a variety of new plants with TurboKIone Elite 144 High Quality Aeroponic Cloning System. Wow your friends with impressive growing skills thanks to this high-performance self-cooling cloning system. Pump fresh, cool air into the reservoir and cooling chambers with 4,800 RPM of air for more oxygen, cooler temperatures, and faster rooting. The reinforced basin prevents bowing and spilling so you can conveniently transport your cloning system worry-free. Interior temperatures stay chilled and efficient with a light grey coating to reflect light and heat. Easily keep track of clones using an alphanumeric grid system with green and blue clone collars, allowing you to separate plant varieties by color and notate positioning. Avoid dry clones, browning leaves, and burning with the high-quality dome that traps humidity and features adjustable ventilation. Achieve optimal growing conditions with TurboKIone Elite 144 Aeroponic Cloning System with Humidity Dome.

  • LARGE SELF-CLONING SYSTEM: Get everything you need to propagate clones all in this 1 large self-cooling cloning system
  • INCREASED FAN POWER: Provides increased fan power with 4,800 RPM Elite Series fan for more oxygen, cooler temperatures, and faster rooting
  • UPGRADED REINFORCED BASIN: Reinforced basin prevents bowing and spilling from the reservoir for worry-free transportation
  • HEAT-RESISTANT COATING: Light grey heat-resistant coating reflects light and keeps the interior temperature cool and efficient
  • KEEP TRACK OF CLONES: Easily track clones in alphanumeric, color grid system so you always know which is which