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AB Lighting TL Series Linear Greenhouse Light 330W



AB LIGHTING TL Series 330W: A high-efficiency linear greenhouse light tailored for optimal plant growth....More Details
Name AB Lighting TL Series Linear Greenhouse Light 330W
SKU 850040443165
Weight 13.5 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 3.2 × 5.4 in
Power Cord Voltage

120v, 240v, 277v

More Details

The AB LIGHTING TL Series Linear Greenhouse Light – the epitome of advanced horticultural lighting solutions. With a formidable 330W output, it’s not just a light, it’s a game-changer for plant enthusiasts and commercial growers alike.

The TL330 delivers a PPF of 858 µmols/s

Key Features:

  • Optimized Spectrum: Harness the green spectrum that’s vital for driving photosynthesis, ensuring that your plants receive the exact wavelengths they need to flourish.
  • Linear Design: Specifically crafted for greenhouses, its linear structure offers seamless installation, ensuring even light distribution that covers every inch of your growth space without creating unwanted hotspots.
  • High-Efficiency 330W Output: Delivering a powerful luminous efficacy, this light ensures your plants get all the energy they need without the exorbitant energy costs.
  • Durable Construction: Made to withstand the challenging conditions of a greenhouse environment. It’s resistant to humidity, dust, and the general wear and tear of daily usage.
  • Energy-Efficient: The TL Series is not just powerful, but also economical. Save on energy bills without compromising on light quality or intensity.
  • Ideal for Various Growers: Whether you’re a budding hobbyist or run a large-scale commercial greenhouse operation, this light meets and exceeds the diverse needs of all types of growers.

Elevate your greenhouse’s potential with the AB LIGHTING TL Series. Expertly designed and backed by cutting-edge technology, this light promises a brighter future for your plants. Embrace innovation, boost yields, and watch your garden thrive like never before.


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