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Blumat Jr. (3 Pack) – Automatic Irrigation Stakes



Blumat Jr. provides automatic watering to your indoor plants by creating a natural vacuum to draw water from any container size that you choose and delivering it directly to you plant. In the midst of our busy lives we often forget to water our house plants, and unfortunately this can lead to weak or dead plants. The Blumat Jr. ensures that your plants have the water they need to thrive! Head out of town or enjoy a vacation - the Blumat Jr. will keep your plants properly watered while you’re away This product is perfect for year-round use, and is a lifesaver if you forget to water. Your plants will thank you! The ceramic cone of the Blumat Jr. is filled with water and inserted into your plants soil or alternative growing medium. A thin tube connected to the cone is then dropped in a water container of your choice. The water is then able to flow through the tubing, and is provided to your plant through pores in the ceramic cone - and begins to water your plant! When the plant’s soil becomes saturated it will slow the flow rate of the Blumat Jr. The Blumat Jr. continues to provide water simultaneously as the water is absorbed by the plant’s roots. This allows your plant to stay happily hydrated while getting the perfect amount of watering each day....More Details
Name Blumat Jr. (3 Pack) - Automatic Irrigation Stakes
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Instructions for Use

Step 1
Fill a bowl with water. Remove the green cap of the Blumat Jr. Put both the top and ceramic cone into the bow; to soak for at least 15 minutes.

Step 2
Holding the cone and green cap underwater, knock out any air bubbles by lightly shaking or tapping the pieces. Then press the cap back on tightly.
Tip: Submerging the tubing in your desired water container before pressing the cap on the cone will help to push excess air bubbles out of the tubing allowing the system to begin working quicker.

Step 3
Push the ceramic completely into the soil leaving the green cap exposed.

Step 4
Put the connected tube into the bottom of a full container of water.

Step 5
Ensure the water level of the container is level with or only slightly below the green cap. Raising or lowering the container’s water level will increase or decrease the flow rate.

Tips on Using Your Blumat Jr.

Maintenance It is recommended to remove the cap and soak both pieces in warm water for 5 minutes at least once a year. While holding the product under water, press the green cap off and on several times to aid in flushing out any impurities. The inside and outside of the ceramic cone may be brushed as well to remove any finite debris.

Refilling Your Container Once the Blumat Jr. has been placed into your plant’s growing medium, you won’t need to remove it when the water level gets low in your container. Simply fill up a glass with water and pour it directly into the container to refill the water to an optimal level.

Empty Water Container If you forget to add more water and your water container runs out completely, be sure to repeat the setup instructions before reusing. This will ensure the ceramic cone is filled with water in order for the water stake to work properly. The water level inside the Blumat Jr. will remain virtually unchanged.

Extra Large Plants For larger plants you may use two Blumat Jr. watering stakes for proper absorption. In addition, you may raise your water container so that the water level is a few inches above the height of the green cap – this will increase the flow rate.

Nutrients If your plant requires nutrients or fertilizer it can be added to your water container, and the Blumat Jr. will provide it for your plant through the water as well.

Additional Saturation With a watering can, directly water the plant every 4 – 6 weeks to encourage additional water saturation in your growing medium.



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