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Eazy Pyramid (Case of 28)



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Experience Rapid Rooting with Eazy Pyramid The Eazy Pyramid revolutionizes the world of horticulture with its swift and robust rooting and germination capabilities. Each case comes packed with 28 Eazy Pyramids, engineered for optimal organic growth, ensuring your plants not only grow faster but healthier too. Dive into the future of efficient gardening with Eazy Pyramid....More Details
Name Eazy Pyramid (Case of 28)
SKU 8631003-1
Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 18 × 13 in

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Achieve Peak Plant Growth with Eazy Pyramid

Eazy Pyramid presents a breakthrough for the horticulture world. With its enhanced growing volume equivalent to 3 gallons, it covers a full crop cycle. Elevating the unparalleled features of Eazy Plug, such as the preset pH and EC levels and a self-balancing air-to-water ratio, the Eazy Pyramid epitomizes the future of organic cultivation.

Robust Rooting via Air Pruning

Constructed without the need for plastic wrapping, Eazy Pyramid ensures that roots halt growth upon exposure to air. This triggers the roots to develop additional branches within the block, significantly boosting the density of the root system – a phenomenon known as air pruning. This enhances the root structure’s nutrient and fluid absorption capacity.

Unbeatable Shelf Life

Offered in a dried state, the Eazy Pyramid is not only neat and lightweight but also boasts an indefinite shelf life free from mold concerns. When hydrated, it swiftly regains its initial properties, offering simplicity at its best.

Accelerated and Nourishing Growth

This methodology augments the root surface area, facilitating increased water and nutrient absorption. Consequently, plants not only grow at an accelerated rate but also thrive, yielding better results than any alternative growth medium.