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Eazy Pyramid Mini (Single)



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The Eazy Pyramid ensures rapid and robust root formation and sprouting. Package contains 1 Mini Pyramid....More Details
Name Eazy Pyramid Mini (Single)
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 4 in

More Details

Achieve Robust and Thriving Plants in a Shorter Duration

The Eazy Pyramid stands out as a groundbreaking advancement in the world of horticulture. With a growth volume mirroring 13.5 liters (3 gallons), it offers sufficient space for an entire crop’s lifecycle. Additionally, it amplifies the distinct features of the Eazy Plug, including preset pH and EC levels and a self-balancing air-to-water ratio. Undoubtedly, the Eazy Pyramid marks a transformative phase in sustainable cultivation.

Air Pruning Results in a Compact Root System

Designed to be utilized without any plastic sheath, the Eazy Pyramid ensures that roots halt their growth upon contact with air. This prompts the development of new root tendrils within the block, significantly amplifying the quantity of absorptive root hairs. This phenomenon, termed as air pruning, ensures that the root system’s absorption capacity reaches its zenith, ensuring optimal nutrient and moisture uptake.

Unparalleled Storage Duration

Offered in a dried state, the Eazy Pyramid is both hygienic and lightweight. Its infinite shelf life, devoid of any mold risks, is commendable. Moreover, a dehydrated Eazy Pyramid can reabsorb water swiftly and efficiently, reverting to its initial properties, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

Accelerated and Vibrant Plant Growth

This methodology ensures an expansive effective root expanse for your plants, facilitating enhanced water and nutrient absorption. Consequently, your plants not only mature faster but are also healthier, promising superior yields compared to other growth mediums.


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