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Green House Feeding – Grow 1kg



Made for the Sativa varieties. Can be used through both growth and flowering....More Details
Name Green House Feeding - Grow 1kg
SKU 4240605
Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 6 × 8 in

More Details

Maximum Solubility: 1.3lb/gal or 160g/L water
Recommended amount for stock solution: 4oz/gal or 30g/L water


Total Nitrogen [N] 24%
13% Nitrate Nitrogen
11% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
Available Phosphate [P 2 O 5] 6%
Soluble Potash [K 2 O] 12%
Magnesium [Mg] 1.2%
Sulfur [S] 1.3%
1.3% combined Sulfur [S]
Boron [B] 0.01%
Iron [Fe] 0.1%
0.1% Chelated Iron [Fe]
Manganese [Mn] 0.05%
0.05% Chelated Manganese [Mn]
Molybdenum [Mo] 0.007%

Designed specifically for the vegetative growth-stage of all plants. Its formula provides optimum development throughout the growth-stage to obtain greener, stronger and more resistant plants.

The grow formula is ideal for the production of mother plants and cuttings. It can also be used very effectively as foliar feeding.

The fast assimilation of nutrients and the high Nitrogen content provides plants with a more robust and branched structure as well as thicker leaves.
Thicker leaves accumulate more nutrient reserves, stimulating rapid rooting of cuttings.


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