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HighDroGro – Dbox (2′ x 4′ x 5.5′)



Perfect for both budding hobbyists and passionate plant aficionados, this compact tent seamlessly integrates into bedrooms, game rooms, or any cozy corner of your home. Cultivate 4-6 plants from germination to harvest without the need for a massive setup....More Details
Name HighDroGro - Dbox (2' x 4' x 5.5')
SKU GG-700105
Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 28 × 65 in

More Details


Size (WxDxH): 4’6″ x 2’4″ x 5’5″ Pole Width: 16mm Vent Count: 3, Velcro-sealed (6″ x 12″) Ducting Port Count: 1 (ceiling, 6″ diameter) Electrical Port Count: 2 (3″ diameter) Door Count: 1 (front-facing) Window Count: 3 (front and both sides)

HighDroGro reigns supreme in the premier league of grow tents. Forget the generic, silver-lined tents that flood the market. HighDroGro’s line of tents, carefully curated from feedback by both hobbyists and professional growers, brings innovation and functionality to the forefront.

What Sets HighDroGro Apart?


Unlike conventional tents with silver interiors, HighDroGro introduces a pioneering muted white lining. This isn’t just for aesthetics; it’s a strategic move backed by science.

Most tents utilize silver lining to enhance light reflectivity. However, this often leads to uneven reflectivity, creating hot spots detrimental to plant health. The textured white lining of HDG’s tents addresses this, offering a solution proven to be 7% more reflective than its counterparts. Moreover, it ensures 16% better light distribution, substantially reducing hot spots.


Revolutionizing the grow tent design, HighDroGro showcases an exclusive design with three doors and three windows (patent pending). Featured in the HDG44 and HDG55 models, this design offers full-zip doors on all three sides and matching windows, enhancing accessibility and view.

No more tiptoeing around your plants to reach the rear ones. Simply unzip the tent side, and voilĂ ! Unhindered access.


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