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HighDroGro – Stash Box 2.0 – Full Kit



Unveiling the Stash Box 2.0, your ultimate solution for nurturing and growing 2-3 full-sized plants indoors. Precision-crafted for the contemporary grower, this tent is more than just a space; it's an environment tailor-made for plant prosperity....More Details
Name HighDroGro - Stash Box 2.0 - Full Kit
SKU 197644258031
Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 20 × 13 in

More Details

Tent Features:

  • Size and Space: With dimensions of 3’2” x 2’ x 5’5” (96 x 62 x 168 cm), it comfortably accommodates 2-3 full-sized plants.
  • Sturdy Build: Manufactured with 3 bonded layers, the tent boasts an outer canvas of 600D light density, a black PEVA vinyl center, and a low-gloss white PEVA vinyl interior.
  • Rust-Resilient Framework: The 16mm poles made of white powder-coated steel ensure longevity and durability.
  • Accessibility: Equipped with a singular door, three windows (front and both sides), and industrial heavy-duty zippers designed specifically for light elimination.
  • Ventilation: Features 3 venting slots of 6” x 12” each, sealed with Velcro, and a ducting port positioned at the tent ceiling.
  • Convenience: Two electrical ports of 3” each and a removable inner spill tray for effortless maintenance.

Kit Essentials:

  • Award-Winning Design: The renowned HighDroGro SBox tent.
  • Lighting: 3’ T8 LED Fixtures (3’ x 2’) fitted with 6 bulbs, meticulously designed to offer a full spectrum of light, facilitating growth from germination right through to flowering.
  • Odor Control: 8” Carbon Filters with a 4” neck ensures minimal odor during the flowering period.
  • Air Circulation: An ultra-quiet 4” inline fan that efficiently draws 158CFM.
  • Monitoring: A user-friendly humidity/temperature monitor, displaying in large numbers for easy viewing through the tent windows.
  • Timing Control: A reliable timer essential for garden management.
  • Growth Support: Two reusable HighDroGro Fabric Grow Bags, designed for optimal plant growth.

Elevate your indoor gardening experience with the Stash Box 2.0 and harness the blend of functionality, design, and innovation to yield superior results!



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