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Blumat Feedline 8mm Tube (328ft / 100m)



Tropf Blumat 8mm (5/16inch) Black Feedline Tubing lets you to reach every part of your outdoor greenhouse or indoor garden. This resilient black tubing will prevents algae forming inside the tube. Flexible and durable; combine with a variety accessories to create the perfect arrangement for your indoor and outdoor irrigation needs. Use elbow and T connectors (sold separately) to allow you to neatly run the tubing around corners, or divert water into multiple directions....More Details
Name Blumat Feedline 8mm Tube (328ft / 100m)
SKU 02050167
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 6 in

More Details

  • FLEXIBLE: This is the super flexible, high quality Blumat tubing
  • HIGH QUALITY: High quality super-flex is ideal for being able to quickly connect and disconnect tubing, no water or cutting needed
  • EXTEND LENGTH: This is the tubing used to connect drip irrigation lines, extend your line and connect components to your water source
  • DURABILITY: Prevent possible vapor lock; long lasting European material
  • EASY USE: To make it easier to connect to fittings, dip tubing into hot water and then proceed to fit fitting into it; For disconnecting, pour hot water over fitting and pull, or simply cut into tubing with knife and slide off