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HighDroGro – Dream Box 2.0 – Full Kit



Dive into a world where dreams become green reality. Presenting the Dream Box 2.0, a cutting-edge indoor tent kit designed for the gardening enthusiasts who seek perfection in every leaf....More Details
Name HighDroGro - Dream Box 2.0 - Full Kit
SKU 197644179145
Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 59 × 29 × 9 in

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More Details

Tent Features:

  • Ample Space: With dimensions of 4’6” x 2’4“ x 5’5” (136 x 72 x 168 cm), it generously accommodates 5-6 full-sized plants.
  • Robust Fabric: Constructed from 3 bonded layers featuring an outer canvas of 600D light density, a central black PEVA vinyl layer, and a low-gloss white PEVA vinyl interior.
  • Resilient Frame: 16mm poles made of white powder-coated steel resist rust, ensuring durability.
  • Accessibility: A single door for entry, complemented by three windows on the front and both sides, offers ease of plant observation.
  • Advanced Ventilation: Equipped with 3 Velcro-sealed venting slots of 6” x 12” each, and three ducting ports for comprehensive airflow.
  • Practical Additions: Two 4” electrical ports, a removable inner spill tray, and industrial-grade zippers tailored for impeccable light elimination.

Kit Essentials:

  • Optimal Lighting: 4’ T8 LED Fixtures with 8 LED bulbs ensure a full spectrum light, supporting plant growth from germination to full bloom.
  • Odorless Ambience: 10” Carbon Filters with a 4” neck promise an odor-free environment during the vital flowering phase.
  • Airflow Perfection: An ultra-silent 4” inline fan that effortlessly draws 158CFM, ensuring your plants always breathe fresh.
  • Plant Support: Four reusable HighDroGro Fabric Grow Bags create the ideal nurturing environment.
  • Vital Monitoring: A user-friendly humidity/temperature monitor designed with large numerals for effortless reading from a distance.
  • Controlled Illumination: A reliable timer ensures optimal light management across various growth phases.

Set the stage for unparalleled indoor gardening with the Dream Box 2.0. A perfect blend of innovation, functionality, and style awaits.



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